Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hello! I am going to try not to use this blog (too much) for shameless self-promotion...but I do want to let people know that I have a new CD coming out soon, which is called Timeless. This is similar to other instrumental CD's I have done in the past, except that its aim is even more at relaxation. In the last couple of years, I have become increasingly interested in the healing and relaxation qualities of not only music, but sounds, and have been experimenting with these in my music. This new CD has some very subtle sound frequencies that will really help people relax, balance the chakras, reduce pain, and more. So if you are looking for new music, I hope you will consider my new CD, expected to be released in the next couple of weeks.

Q: How is this CD like and unlike others you have done before?
A: Timeless is a themed collection--a collection that happens to focus on the notion of time. So much of our perceived stress is related to lack of time, or time constraints. So I became interested in the idea that perhaps we could actually use time to our advantage. What if we could use time to help us relax? The music ranges from simple and quiet pieces to very complex and lush arrangements. Like past CDs, the music all runs together in one continuous stream, allowing people to listen to it all at once and take a musical and wellness epic journey. It is also split up into tracks, so people can listen to their favorites if they don't have time. On this CD, I only used one percussion instrument, which is very different for me. Many of the arrangements have a suspended animation time is standing still. But most of the tracks are hypnotic, using binaural beats to induce a deep state of relaxation. People may not want to listen to this CD in times when they need to stay awake.

Q: What are binaural beats?
A: This is not new technology--it dates back to the 1800's. It has to do with using two different frequencies and playing them at the same time. The dissonance between the frequencies creates this third, "phantom" beat known as the binaural beat. It is this phantom beat that seems to have healing qualities on the body and mind.

Q. This sounds fascinating. Will you be doing more work with this in the future?
A: YES! In the very near future, with the help of fellow Pyramid team members Brad Young (counseling and EMDR), Raven Mardirosian (intuitive wellness), and Traci Pena (Program Director and Reiki), we will be releasing a new series of subliminal tracks that people can download from Amazon. They will offer assistance in healing from every ailment--from anxiety and depression to physical pain. They all include very positive affirmations recorded at a subliminal level. Watch for these coming very soon!

Q: Will Timeless be out before Christmas?
A: It is likely that this could happen, but I've learned not to put a time frame on things like this, because I am always surprised with how long some things can take. If not before Christmas, then right after.

Q: So will you be playing this soundtrack in the Salt Cave?
A: Yes! This CD will play exclusively at the Rutland Salt Cave. So people can expect that the new salt cave soundtrack will be even more relaxing than before!

Q: Can I listen to a sneak preview?
A: Yes! As a little tease, I have put a sample track on the Pyramid website:

What are pre-release reviews saying?
"This disc is truly magical. It flows so well from one soundscape into the next. It was the most hypnotic thing I've ever listened to in all of my years of reviewing music." - James D. Ross, independent music reviewer

"A masterpiece!" - A. Franklin Gladstone, independent music reviewer.

"It put me to a good way!" - Marilyn Richards, independent music reviewer.

COMING SOON to the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center