Friday, April 20, 2012

Look...up in the's a's a's your life!

I have to admit that I often make jokes about things not working out because the planets are not lining up correctly. Those who know me, however, know that I am only half joking. I first came to understand the influence of the planets and other sky objects on our lives in my early days of working in mental health; I can remember the uncanny way that my clients tended to have more difficulties during the full moon. This was a pattern that repeated over and over and solidified in my mind as I spoke with others in the mental health profession who noticed the same thing. Surely it wasn't our imagination--and most of the time I had no idea when the full moon was coming, so it wasn't like I was reading into what I was seeing. Later, I noticed similar patterns to electronic devices and communication going haywire and learned that this corresponded with Mercury in retrograde. This happens about three times per year--when Mercury seems to move backwards through the sky from our earth view. Without fail, almost every difficulty I have ever had in my life has happened during Mercury retrograde periods, and as I speak with others, I can see that most people I know seem to have the same patterns. This last Mercury retrograde period was especially intense because it corresponded with Mars in retrograde, a challenging lunar cycle, and other astrologically unique events.

Today is the day that Mercury and Mars have returned to normal.

Thank heavens! (Literally!)

This recent astrological alignment was incredibly devastating for almost everyone I know--deaths of loved ones, losses of pets, break-ups of marriages, relationships, and friendships, business deals falling through, real estate problems, financial and career issues, breaking down of electronics and automobiles, and more. Typically during Mercury retrograde, it is recommended that we lay low and really focus inward. It is also recommended that we not start anything new or initiate any contracts during this period. The idea is that by focusing inward, it gives us time to process what has happened and make plans for what we want to manifest next in our lives. It is typically a time of inner growth. However, this time around, combined with the other planetary activity, it was a time of almost constant upheaval--many of us experienced "one thing after another" to the extreme. Many of us are simply exhausted.

The good news is that we are moving into a calmer period. With Mercury and Mars "direct" now, it is a powerful time to reassess EVERYTHING. By losing so much, it gives us a chance to see what was really important to us, and we now have the opportunity to rebuild anything that we lost during the last couple of months that we have determined is really important to us still. It is a time to reclaim what we lost, but this time build it stronger and better. It is an almost magical time where things that are meant to be will fall easily and effortlessly into place. Some astrologers are suggesting that we pay close attention to the things that manifest easily as these may be signs from the universe about paths that we should take. I like to think that we create our own paths, but the universe is definitely communicating with us now about what things can happen. Combined with the powerful new moon of tomorrow night, this is a perfect time to get really clear about what we want...and simply ask and allow it to manifest.

One technique that works really well is to make a very detailed list of everything you want...without feeling like you are asking for too much (because the universe is expanding and we have unlimited potential for growth)...and reading this list as many times as possible throughout the day. As things manifest, cross them off the list.

But you must be clear. If, for example, you say you want to sell your house, it will not sell if any part of you has doubts. Or, if you say you want a new job but one doesn't materialize, it might be because a part of you does not want a new job, or does not want any job. Think about your motives--thinking about why you want something to happen will help you realize if it is truly something you want. Some people will realize that they are sending out mixed messages to the universe--saying they want a new job but really not wanting to leave the comfort of their current one. So make sure that your list and what you are asking for is truly what you want.

Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or astrology, this is a time to rejuvenate after what we've all been through. As later in 2012 is going to become wild again, now is the time to really turn inward and become clear about what you want.

Happy manifesting!