Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why Nautilus?

As a child, I remember reading in the newspaper that our local YMCA had purchased a line of Nautilus equipment. I remember thinking how scary the equipment looked---and in my head, it was associated with serious body building. I never imagined that someday I would fall in love with Nautilus equipment...I never imagined that I would be someone who would use Nautilus...and I certainly never imagined that I would someday own a fitness center that featured a Nautilus circuit.

Until I was in college, I never fully realized that muscular strength is a huge part of the wellness puzzle. Strong muscules keep us healthy, and even though I especially should do strength training because of my weak genetics, I thought that I would feel totally out of place if I tried to go to a gym. In my head, I had imaginative reasons for not going--I thought that big body builders would make fun of me if I tried to lift weights. But what I did not realize was that Nautilus equipment was designed exactly for me, and everyone else as well!

The people at Nautilus knew that modern Americans were more out of shape than ever due to sedentary lifestyles and unlimited access to low-quality, low-nutrient foods. They also knew that many Americans were like me and afraid of strength training equipment. And most importantly, they knew that Americans had less and less time to dedicate to working out, so they needed to create equipment that would be very efficient, and that is exactly what they did.

The Nautilus circuit is made up of selectorized strength training equipment--that is, pieces of equipment that are geared towards strengthening one part of the body. In a typical circuit of eight to twelve pieces of equipment, the human "machine" works all muscle groups. The circuit is also designed to be completed in around twenty minutes, making it a time-saving workout meant to be done every other day. Basically, in an hour a week, people can reach their fitness goals. Beyond the time benefits, there are other benefits as well:

- Safety--it is nearly impossible to injure yourself on a Nautilus machine
- No need for a "spotter"
- Easy to adjust the machine to your body type
- Easy to quickly and effortlessly change the amount of weight
- Easy to learn and the machine will usually not allow you to use it incorrectly
- Many of the machines offer multiple exercises and work overlapping muscle groups, allowing for a very flexible workout
- Increases shape, size, strength, and endurance of the muscles
- Improves immune system performance
- Increases self-esteem
- Supports body fat loss by speeding up the metabolism, as stronger muscles require more calories to function than weaker muscles
- With Nautilus, you see almost immediate results
- Very little waiting around time, so people are not watching you while you exercise
- Most people find doing Nautilus fun and rewarding

Yet many people, like I used to be, are afraid to try Nautilus. They may fear the size and weight of the equipment, exercising in front of other people, or injuring themselves. They may also think they do not have time to get a real workout.

Serious body builders often believe that Nautilus is for lesser athletes; however, even elite athletes in the professional world use Nautilus because of its versatility.

Whether you are an elite athlete or someone knew to Nautilus, you are sure to get benefit from a genuine Nautilus circuit. At Pyramid Fitness, we have the Nautilus Nitro line, which is the latest generation Nautilus equipment, going through several upgrades since that line that my childhood YMCA purchased.

Come check it out today and you will not be disappointed!