Monday, July 25, 2011

Thai Yoga Massage

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how ironic and sad it is that I work at the Pyramid and hardly ever get to take a class from another instructor. Equally ironic and sad is that I am constantly surrounded by excellent massage therapists, and I am almost never able to receive a massage. So it was especially valuable to me last Wednesday when I was able to receive a Thai Yoga Massage (TYM) from local Yoga instructor and TYM therapist Tammy Brown.

There is no question that Tammy's reputation as a Yoga instructor preceeds her everywhere she goes, but many people do not realize that she also offers TYM. Although I had seen it demonstrated at various wellness fairs throughout the country, my first TYM experience was with Tammy just a few years ago. Soon after I officially met her, she let  me know that she was going through training in TYM and needed guinea pigs. Wait--stop--twist my arm! So I was lucky enough to be one of her first "clients."

Fast forward to 2011 and I am committed to my own plan of self-care more than ever. That plan includes the things you might expect from someone at the Pyramid--daily exercise, healthy eating, meditation, and plenty of sleep. But working at the Pyramid, I also have access to an almost limitless array of other services--the Salt Cave, the Halotherapy Room, the Oxygen Bar, the Nautilus circuit, the inversion table, and over 40 different instructors and practitioners. So part of my plan includes partaking in as many of these offerings as I can, as often as I can. So when the opportunity to receive another TYM from Tammy presented itself, I could not refuse.

Of course, I have had the pleasure of many Thai Yoga massages from Tammy over the years, but schedules had gotten in the way and Tammy and I had not been able to connect for a while. This particular day was a day that I definitely was in need of some work, and Tammy's session was exactly what I needed.

One of the things I respect the most about Tammy is her precision. Whereas my Yoga training and interest have been mostly in the philosophy of Yoga, Tammy is clearly also an expert on alignment. Her attention to detail and form in the classroom is equally present in her massage sessions, and from the moment it begins, you know that Tammy is going to make sure that you are in proper form, that you get the most benefit from the massage, and that you do not injure yourself during it.

Those not familiar with TYM may not understand these references; although there are some traditional massage techniques used in TYM, a TYM session is so much more than a traditional massage. This type of treatment allows the recipient to remain rather passive as the therapist actively moves him or her through a series of postures designed to stretch and release the muscles. Some might liken TYM to a Yoga class where the instructor moves your body for you. Because it is an assisted process, often the therapist will help you get a deeper stretch while supporting your body for an intensity that you cannot safely get on your own.

Beyond her clinical precision, though, there is just something special about Tammy. Do not let her quiet presence fool you...she is a powerhouse of wellness expertise. She will greet you at the start of your session, ask some questions to get a sense of how to create a safe, positive experience, and then she will go to work with a smile. I'll admit--sometimes I like to open my eyes during a session sneak a peek at her working, because she is in her bliss when she is able to do TYM. Everything...her music choice, the way she prepares the massage room, and her soothing touch all work together with her expertise to create a special experience like none other.

During the massage I also find myself opening my eyes to see how she is doing what I am feeling, because sometimes the feel of it defies logic and I cannot picture what bizarre things she must be having to do so it can feel like that to me. I am often in awe at the workout that she must get during a TYM session, because in any given moment, she could be crouching over your back, pressing her foot into your hamstring, squeezing the back of your neck with her palms, or some combination of these and more. It definitely takes skill to provide a Thai Yoga Massage.

As she works, I find myself in my own state of bliss. No one can deny the benefit of human touch, and Tammy's calming, Reiki-infused touch is incredible. I immediately feel my heart rate slow down, my blood pressure relax, and my muscles melt down into the floor. For this one hour, I do not have to think...I just have to allow and breathe. I trust Tammy to move my body through the session, and by the end, I feel completely relaxed and ready to move on to the rest of my day. By the end of my session on Wednesday, I found myself wondering why I do not do this more often. Oh, yeah--schedules, money, time. And in those post-TYM bliss moments, I tell myself that there is nothing more important than my wellness, and I need to make time and budget for it accordingly.

Thai Yoga Massage with Tammy Brown: $70/session
TYM Benefits: blissfully priceless

If you would like to try a TYM session, please call us at 802-775-8080.

Thanks, Tammy, for an amazing session, and for being part of the Pyramid team!

William Kelley
Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center

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  1. The best thing that you can do when feel like down, tired and tense is to have a time to relax and this is perfect.
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